A small start-up to a solid company entering its tenth year. Two strong and innovative brands – Tickaroo & made.by Tickaroo – are paving the way forward.

Up until now it’s always been Tickaroo. The one name represented a number of products and services. When asked by new contacts what Tickaroo did, it was always a careful balancing act of where to begin: with our SaaS products or our digital media services. Should we wow them first with names like Süddeutsche Zeitung, Der Spiegel, RTL, and heise online or with kicker, Red Bull Media House, and Verivox? While this is only one example of a more complex issue, Tickaroo as a company and name, really does stand for a variety of projects. 

New Name. New Look. 
On our previous website there wasn’t a concrete or visible enough presence where we could properly highlight what digital media projects we had been working on. Instead, the main focus was on our SaaS. Making the leap and fully embracing our agency persona was something that we had always struggled with. A chief concern is that there is sometimes a stigma associated with the word agency – people can assume that everything is project driven and focused on the bottom line. This year though, with the release of made.by Tickaroo we did just that, and we did it on our own terms. 

From Strength to Strength
One of our main strengths as a company is our willingness and desire to embrace new ways of doing things, all while striving for digital excellence and retaining learnings from past projects. Ranked as one of Germany’s top special agency by kress pro since 2017, we continuously strive to set new creative and technological goals for ourselves. Matthew Ulbrich, CEO and “Chief Digital Excellence Officer”, leads the charge when it comes to innovative solutions: “User Experience is at the centre of Tickaroo's mission – fast-responding apps that even our grandparents understand and enjoy using are the ultimate goal that we're trying to achieve.” 

Looking Forward 
With so many challenges facing both people and businesses this year, the trend for companies and organisations to search out digital solutions is only continuing to grow. Whether our next projects are news or sports related, or perhaps even something new, we are looking forward to dedicating ourselves with the same energy and expertise as we have to all our ventures. By focusing on reliable technology and cutting-edge designs together with all other aspects of the project, we are able to make products for people and not just for users. Having already worked on so many exciting and innovative projects, we are even more optimistic when it comes to future cooperations.