Ask Your Readers
There has been a growing trend for readers to engage more with stories: first it was with a letter to the editor, then the comment function, and now it’s all about polls. This is especially true when the topic is something particularly polarizing, such as the upcoming US 2020 election. For Tickaroo Live Blog partners with an Opinary plan, a poll can be set up. Then it only takes four simple steps until readers can start interacting even more with the live content. 

1. Click on the shareable link and then paste it in the text field in Tickaroo Live Blog. 
2. Wait a moment for the preview. 
3. Delete the URL after the preview appears. 
4. Post the liveblog entry 

Readers will be able to immediately begin responding to the interactive polls. Since liveblogs can contain multiple entries, a poll can be “promoted” by being marked as a milestone (with a link displayed at the top of the page) or as a sticky post (so that it stays at the top unless unmarked later on). Individual posts can also be shared on social media if the sharing function has been enabled. That way the poll can reach an even wider audience and also garner more views for the liveblog as well. 

Exit Polls, Debates, and the Beer Question
When it comes to elections, the first thing that usually comes to mind are the exit polls. However, in the run-up to the big day, there are also countless of polls done, primarily by private companies, and often with varying results. Everything from who they think will win the election to how they feel about specific issues is all part of the mix. It’s these latter polls that are particularly interesting since they target the hot-topic themes that are central to every election and also have the most impact on how voters will decide (unless however you believe in the Beer Question). Even though the cross-section of respondents is limited, since only readers of the publication would see the poll, it’s still indicative of voter sentiment as there are no barriers to submit a response and it represents the general audience’s views. 

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