At the top of the liveblog timeline there is a filter icon. By clicking on the filter you can quickly see how many posts have been published and whether there are still unpublished entries in the liveblog. You can then click on “Unpublished” to see all posts in that category and use the icons in the lower right of the post to publish, edit, change the time & date or delete them.  

Important Posts

It is possible to highlight the importance of a specific post in three different ways. 

  • Important: To mark a post as important, simply click on the star icon that is labelled “Highlight” and select “Highlight”. This will add a colored bar to the side of the post. (The colour can be pre-set in Embed JS settings.) To unmark it, click on “Highlight” again and select “No highlight”. 
  • Sticky: To mark a post as sticky, click on the star icon that is labelled “Highlight” and select “Sticky”. This will keep the post at the top of the liveblog, regardless if new posts are added afterwards. To unmark it, click on “Highlight” again and select “No highlight”.  
  • Chapter (formerly Milestone): To create a chapter, click on the plus sign between the desired post and enter the headline. This will add the linkable headline to the top of the liveblog. To remove the headline, simply click on the trash can icon on the right of the headline post.

Deleting Posts

If you would like to delete a post, click on the three dots (located at the side of each post in the liveblog timeline). Then select “Delete message”. After deleting the post, you also have 60 seconds to undo the deletion.

Left Sidebar Icons

The icons on the left are shortcuts to important features of the liveblog, particularly its administration. 

  • Pen and paper – Editing mode: This is permanently highlighted when you are in the editing mode of the liveblog.
  • Hashtag - Social Search: When you click on the hashtag icon, it opens up the “Web Content” option of the social search. This enables users to enter a search term and switch between the different social accounts. 
  • Graph – Statistics: When you click on the graph you will leave the editing screen of the liveblog and return to the informational page of that specific liveblog. Here you can view the important statistics. To return back to the editing page, simply click on “Write liveblog”.
  • Gear – Settings: By clicking on the gear, you will be taken back to the settings of that particular liveblog. To return back to the editing page, simply click on “Write liveblog”.

Embedding Liveblogs

Each liveblog has its own ID, which is listed in the liveblog overview to the right of the liveblog. This ID is stored in your editorial system when the liveblog is integrated into your website via Embed JS. If you have any questions regarding integration, your internal technical department will be able to assist you or feel free to contact us with your questions. Alternatively, you can use the Live Blog Link to create the URL with one click, copy and paste it into your body text or promote it on your social channels.