Editing a Post

If, when editing, you decide to change the layout of the post, you can drag and drop the different blocks by clicking on the arrows (next to the trash can icon) in the right corner of the block. This can be done before the post has been published or afterwards by clicking on the “Edit message” symbol. If you would like to exit the editing mode, or exit without saving any changes, click on the “x” in the top right corner of the post.

To edit a post that has already been published, click on the “Edit” button (an icon of a pen on a paper) next to the post in question. The post will then re-appear on the left where it can be edited. At this point, all of the content and the layout can be adjusted. By clicking on the toggle switch with the icon of an eye, the post can be made invisible and saved. After it is saved, it will reappear in the liveblog timeline, but it will be greyed out. If the post had already been published as invisible, the eye next to the post can be selected, thereby making it visible

To continue working on a post but not publish it, simply set the post to not visible (with the eye-icon toggle) and publish it. It will be saved in the liveblog’s timeline and can be published later (either where it is in the timeline or the time and date can be adjusted so that it appears as a new post). 

If you would like to pre-write a message, you can edit and format it as you would a normal post, and then change the time and date to the desired time of publication. The message will be first published as invisible until the time and date in question arrive, at which point the post will become visible and part of the timeline that is available.