Once you have created your liveblog, you can start filling it with content via the text field. With our new editor, you can add various blocks and stack them together to create a flexibly designed post. You can select from rich text, media, and web-embedded blocks and choose any number of combinations to suit your needs. 

There are two halves to the ne
w editor: the main space is for editing and the liveblog timeline on the right shows the published version. 

1. Adding Rich Text

You can enter text and edit it easily with our WYSIWYG editor. Content can be: 

  • bolded
  • italicized
  • struck through
  • underlined
  • linked 

Headlines or important text can also be made larger (by highlighting the desired text and clicking on “H”). 


Quotes can be added by clicking on the quotation marks. To exit the quote, simply double click “enter” and you can keep adding normal text to the block. 


Text can also be displayed as a list, either with bullet points or numbered.

2. Adding Media

You can add photos and videos from your computer by selecting the “Media” block from under “+ Add Content” or via "Drag & Drop". Titles and image credits can also be added underneath each item if desired. 

3. Webembed

If you would like to add URLs of articles, social media posts, or websites, select “Webembed” and add the URL. There’s no need to erase the URL since it will only show the embedded preview of what has been shared. If you do post the URL in a rich text field, it will still display an embedded version but also show the URL (which should be deleted before being posted for a cleaner look). With the new webembed option, adding Opinary and Datawrapper links to liveblogs is even easier. Simply paste the desired link in the webembed block and publish it. 

4. Social Search

The social search is located directly below the editor blocks. Here you can choose from various social platforms including: Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud, dpa picture alliance, Getty Images, and Gfycat. It is also possible to create a bookmark for specific search terms by clicking on “Create bookmark” while in the social search. This will then allow you to quickly click on the bookmark (visible below the Social Search), which will begin a search with the term on the appropriate platform. Via the dropdown menu within the search you are still able to switch between platforms and even create new bookmarks for them as well. Bookmarks that you create, are only visible to you and are not liveblog specific. They are however browser specific which means that a bookmark created in Chrome will not be visible in Safari. If you are using a private browser then they will only be visible for that particular session. If you would like to exit the social search without posting anything, click on the “x” in the top right corner. This will close the overlay.