After logging in you will see the start page of the Live Blog organization including the latest liveblogs. To create a new liveblog, an admin needs to click on "Create Liveblog" or "+ Create" in the navigation bar at the top under the menu item “Liveblogs”. If you want to view a demo liveblog, you are also welcome to click on it.

The next step is to choose the type of liveblog (News, News 2.0 which is Editor 2.0, Blog or one of the many sports templates). If you do not see all of the sports templates, it is because your organization does not subscribe to them. If you would like to use templates that are not available, please contact your account’s admin.

As an example, we have chosen the News 2.0 template. Here you can enter the title of the liveblog as well as the date, time, and location. Under "Options" you can decide if you want to activate "Editorial Publishing" for the liveblog. Editorial Publishing means that the individual posts are not visible after they have been published but rather saved until they are made visible by an admin.